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The Beauty and Benefits of Wood Plugs (AKA Wood Gauges)

May 10th 2019

Once you’ve entered into the world of body jewelry, you soon realize there is a wealth of options available to you. Many people believe themselves to be limited to acrylic and steel plugs, based on th … read more

Affordable High Quality Pieces for All Ear Stretching Sizes

May 6th 2019

Ear stretching is a passion shared by veteran body modifiers and beginners alike, which is why at King’s Body Jewelry we carry pieces in a huge range of ear stretching sizes. Whether you’re compl … read more

King’s Body Jewelry’s Best Stretcher Earrings and Kits

May 1st 2019

Body modification is one of the most personal ways to express yourself and your identity. That’s why we at King’s Body Jewelry pride ourselves on keeping a wide range of stretching kits to help anyone … read more

A Beginners Guide to Septum Jewelry

Dec 12th 2018

Facial piercings are becoming increasingly popular across the board. At King’s Body Jewelry, we are obviously thrilled about this. It gives us an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the world with w … read more

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